Just a half hour drive from Aristotle’s hometown Stagira (or Stageira), on the coast of Halkidiki, is a science park in the modern village called Stagira. Located high up in the Holomontas (Cholomontas) mountain of Halkidiki, this modern theme park was built in 2003 in dedication to Aristotle and his contribution to science.

The really cool exhibits allow you to experiment with some natural phenomena that exists in nature, but still not so easy to grasp. The instruments erected operate according to the rules of physics that are mentioned in Aristotle’s writings and especially in his texts called “The Naturals”.

If you are vacationing in Halkidiki, this can be an excursion that will be entertaining and educational for the whole family. Besides having some fun in the park, you can enjoy lunch at the taverna with a great birds eye view over the Athos peninsula and Ammouliani island below. The cost for entrance is only one euro.